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Communnication and Navigation Equipment

Kelvin Hughes Ltd., UK

For their entire range of RADARs, S/VDRs, ECDIS & IBS (Integrated Bridge System), Naval display system, Naval Sensors, Coastal surveillance radars, BNWAS.

Uller International Communications, Norway

For their entire range of (Internal Communication Systems) Automatic Telephone, Batteryless Telephone, Public Address, Command Talkback, Intercom, Master Clock, Common Equipment, Night Vision Cameras, Marine Lighting.

Marine Data., UK

For their entire range of products - TMC System, Dial Repeater, Compass Sensing Magnetic Fluxgate Coil, Signal Junction Box Buffer, NMEA to Synchro Interface, Heading Monitor, Battery Conditioner, DC Power Supply Unit and Active Detector Junction Box.


For their entire range of Maritime Products - EPIRB, EPIRB Test Kit, AIS-SART/Radar SART, AIS Family, S-VDR Float Free Storage Capsule. VHF Portable Radio, Emergency and Marking Lights. The company's products have consistently been at the cutting edge of safety communication equipment for maritime applications and Jotron works closely with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and other maritime organisations to develop and regulate innovative new products.

Color Light, AB., Sweden

For their entire range of marine Searchlights Systems with Remote Controls.